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(CNR) Round Cone style & (CNSQ) Tapered Square planters

EC Cylinder Planter

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EC Cylinder Planter

Earth friendly Cylinder Planter - Made from Low Fossil Fuel Resins. Lower cost alternative to Fiberglass...This Style Also Available in Metal!  Cylinder or square styles...

LIVING WALLS - Wall Gardens! Turn any room or space into living art!


Complete, pre-assembled units. Permanente wall units, portable frames, roller - wall planters and more. We have the perfect solution for your needs - contact us for details or quotes.




(NAB)Natural Abaca Planters - Made from the bark of the rapidly renewable Abaca tree and Fiberglass.
 Natural Abaca Planters


Natural Abaca Planters - Made from the bark of the rapidly renewable Abaca tree and Fiberglass.
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AXM COLLECTION - Poly Resin Planters durable Tapered plant container - axiom planters
more details / prices Great for indoors or out... Axiom Our (AXM) poly planters are very durable and stylish!

AXM COLLECTION - Poly Resin Planter



Bianco Cultured White Marble Planters

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Bianco planters are made by mixing natural white stone powder with resin and backing it up with a strong fiberglass compound. The resulting containers have the appearance and feel of white marble. While not nearly as heavy as solid stone, they do weigh more than normal synthetic planters, which contributes to the feel of a very solid and substantial product.

  Roman Urn - Composite Planters - Made of real crushed stone mixed with resin and

reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength. Click here for details / prices. 

Also in this series: Roman Bowls, Trash receptacles and fountains - Inquire!  


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   the latest release in self-watering containers. Featuring fluid lines and a striking glossy finish, this contemporary collection evokes the tranquil flow of an ocean current.

Oceans is as strong and durable as it is sleek and stunning. Composed of eco-friendly, through body colored ABS material, this container is sure to enhance the ambiance of virtually any setting for years to come.
Meanwhile, the innovative self-watering system will assist in maintaining the health and beauty of your plants, thereby ensuring their longevity.
Not yet on the site - For pricing and availability please send to: " Oceans Series Self Watering Info. Request "
NEW Offering: OVATION EF - Floor - table Planters (NEW DESIGN)  l



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One of our favorite manufacturers - Terracast  is back! After being discontinued by the Rotonics factory the original owners have re-purchased the equipment and will again be producing the entire Terracast line. Products are back up on this site and taking orders now. 

See Terracast products. 

Many designer colors available...

FISHBOWLS!  Oriental Porcelain Fish Bowl - Crackled or solid Finish The good news: We have an assortment of fine Porcelain, Chinese Fish Bowl planters available as well as matching accessories..

The bad news: Ever-changing and limited availability. Items shown are sample representatives only and may not be the items actually available currently.

See Catalog / Prices - GO TO FINE PORCELAIN

 Please send us an e mail stating what you would like and we will advise what is on hand closest to it. Other styles are also available from the factory in China but at extended lead times of  12 weeks or more. Advise if you want a stand included (low or tall) and design format and/or dominate background colors. Send For Information / Quote

2 Styles - 3 sizes each.  Go To: Bamboo planters

NEW!   Bamboo Planters

   < Square Tapered  <Tall Tapered

in a striking Trapezodial / tapered style. A must have for the truly green design. 

Available now - Go To: Bamboo planters   

 NEW: Phoenix Collection - Inquire (not yet posted)


Now Available -  Living Walls!  Turn any wall into a verticle garden...


The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection
PlantDesigns is  proud to offer the  Frank Lloyd Wright designed planters, garden statuary and exquisite stone wear gift items.
The most famous of America's architects, Frank Lloyd Wright designed over 800 structures in his career spanning eight decades. But more than just prolific, Frank Lloyd Wright was a driven advocate for design in a total sense. Wright sought beauty in every dimension.
Plants look more lovely, Wright claimed, when presented in the content of the clean geometric shapes of a building and its extensions.
All of these Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® products are manufactured in the USA, under the authorization of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The licensed manufacturer creates Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions that are precisely accurate in every detail.  A portion of the sale of these products supports the conservation and education programs of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. 



Fiberglass BASKET WEAVE Planters !
Item           Grow Pot    Outside Width      Inside Width         Height
PS/TS-SPB08           8"                10"                        9"                11"
PS/TS-SPB10           10"               13.75"                    12"               15"
PS/TS-SPB14           12/14"          17.75"                    15"               19"
This handsome container looks like wicker, but is actually hand-painted fiberglass!
Ideal for achieving a tropical look without relying on inferior quality materials.

Real wicker splinters and collects dust.
The South Pacific repels dust, and will
never degenerate or fade.
Made in Guadalajara
 NOTE: A complex, dual-layer painting process is responsible for the South Pacific's natural look.
As a result, the containers may vary slightly in hue and color saturation (just like the properties of real wicker).
Item               Grow Pot Outside Width Inside Width Bottom Width     Height
PS/TV-SPR10     8/10"                      12.5"              11"                  8"          23”
PS/TV-SPR14     12/14”                     16"                   15"                   11"        31”
PS/TV-SPR17     17"                           19"                   18.5"                16"       38.5”
Item               Grow Pot     Outside Width Inside Width Bottom Width     Height
PS/ST-SPA10      8/10"              11.5"              10.5"              7.5"                   24”
PS/ST-SPA14     12/14”             15"                 14"                  11"                   33.5”
PS/ST-SPA17     17"                  19.5"               19"                  15"                   40”
 Do you love the look of wicker, but can't stand the way it splinters and fades?
Look no further than this fiberglass alternative. Hand made in Guadalajara,
the South Pacific has all of the weave, but none of the woes.
Available in three shapes and nine different sizes.

Athena - Elegant, lightweight Table, Floor and tall series. AVAILABLE NOW!   Go to Athena...

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - GFRC
There is nothing like the strength of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) to stand up to the
harsh elements of the great outdoors. GFRC Series blends fiberglass and reinforced concrete, so it is
lighter in weight than concrete and more durable than fiberglass itself. Available in eight colors as
part of our standard product line, we can easily customize it to meet many color requests.

  Shown in Limestone

 Click now:  GFRC - AGN                                                                                          GFRC -FVN

Send requirements for prices & discounts.

    List * Prices
G-AGN-24       $364.00  
G-AGN-30       $952.00
G-AGN-36       $1232.00
G-F-VN-18      $364.00
G-F-VN-22      $616.00
G-F-VN-30      $924.00

The new LZ  line of Polyresin Planters…
  • Beautiful Accents for every room
  • Attractive, healthy and practical
  • Stylish - A perfect combination of beautiful pottery optics and the functionality of plastics in timeless elegant design
  • Practical, Light, robust, unbreakable, weather and frost resistant, and thus suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy-care -Achieving better plant growth while watering less frequently with the LZ sub-irrigation system for soil culture.
  • Choose from a wide range of colors
Wonderful shapes - high impact colors!
LZ even has a nearly invisible wheeled coaster as an accessory that fits into a recessed area in both the Classico and Quadro container lines.
LZ-planters offer the green solution for your rooms, in a lightweight, stylish, easy to move container that can even be fitted with sub-irrigation.
A smart choice for any decor... casual, professional, or modern
The LZ containers provide form, function and comfort in a perfect harmony and taste. Real pottery appearance, unbreakable, UV-resistant plastic that is durable, strong and easy-to-handle.
Check out the complete line LZ planters and containers today.
Classico           Cararo                   Quadro                       
  Delta Triangle      Cubico          Delta Rectangle  
Made from only the purest polyresin, these German-engineered containers redefine the term "high-tech."
 Custom-fit sub irrigation sets and liners are also available.