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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where are your planters made?

A1. Most are made in the USA We sometimes do offer some imports also.

Q2. What is GoodieStore’s return policy?

A2. Warranties & Returns: Because most of our planters, and accessories are made to order, Product warranties and return policies vary depending on the lines. Unless otherwise noted, returns, guarantees and warranties are limited to those offered by the individual manufacturers.

Planters Ash/trash and accessories: Because we deal in commercial planters, made to order, geared toward business and industry needs that can not easily return to the factory, special terms apply, see below.

Sales on Planters and all items made to order are final unless otherwise noted or agreed on. Returns at time of delivery in the case of damage or errors in shipping are acceptable at no charge.

There are no refunds, returns or exchanges on made to order planters in most cases. Damaged items will be replaced or refunded at the company’s discretion. Pre - approved and Accepted returns for any other reason will be assessed a 25% restocking fee plus shipping charges unless there was a mistake on our part in shipping your order. Otherwise Shipping is at your expense.

Failed deliveries due to Wrong address, or nobody there to accept will be charged a re-delivery fee from the shipper. There may be an added charge when shipping to residential addresses. Added charges may be applied if return trips are required to deliver also. These (if incurred) will need to be paid at the time of delivery. Please contact us if merchandise is damaged before shipping it back to us.

Q3. How long does it take to ship and receive merchandise.

A3. Made to order items usually take 3 weeks to 6 weeks, some a bit sooner or later. In stock or pre made items may ship within 48 hours up to two - four weeks if out of stock.

Shipping times can vary due to size of order, location, weather, holiday, Etc. We do not guarantee any ship times. If the delivery time / date is important, please provide plenty of lead time.

UPS, DHL Etc. shipping takes 5 to 10 business days (usually about a week) to deliver merchandise, depending on where you live. RUSH shipping takes 3 to 5 business days to deliver merchandise. Heavy shipments go ground carrier and could take a week or two.

General ship times by product type:
Aluminum - 1 to 3 weeks, Solid Brass, Bronze, copper, stainless - 6 to 8 weeks, Ceramic - 1 to 4 weeks, Fiberglass - 3 to 4 weeks, plastic 1 to 2 weeks, Poly resins - 1 to 2 weeks, Wood varies greatly. All times subject to change depending on seasonal volume, weather, holidays, etc.

Inspection: Customer is responsible for acceptance and inspection of goods on delivery. Damage must be reported at time of delivery, and noted on bill of lading and with driver.. If someone other then customer accepts the delivery because customer was not there (common on smaller residential shipments), customer is still responsible for product, payments and terms as above, as if he/she had signed and accepted the delivery. We (GoodieStore, Inc) are not responsible for any theft or damage if order is left with neighbor, or at door, Etc. if you are not there to accept. Be sure to consider this when ordering and plan accordingly.. see Shipping Info. for policy details.

Q4 Is it safe to order online on

When buying directly from the GoodieStore, via our cart, by phone or Fax, your transactions will be safe, secure and efficiently handled. We only offer proven products from merchants and manufacturers you can depend on.

Security: Credit card payments are made only on secure, SSL, servers to assure the greatest margin of safety for both the customer and us or the merchant.

Q5 Will you sell or make my email or other information available to others?

A5. No – Never. Confidentiality: We Never, ever sell or provide your personal Info. To any third party not directly involved with your purchase.

Q6 How can I ask a question concerning my order or to provide custom details?

A6 Just visit: Contact: CONTACT US section for phone and contact information.

Q7 What if I order something from one of your affiliate links and have an issue?

A7 GoodieStore does not control sales from advertiser and banner links. GoodieStore accepts no liability for business conducted with any off-site links to other independent sites, affiliates or advertisers found on this site. The * links to other sites, found on various sections of are only provided for added information on other resources that you may find useful, advertiser and/or other off-site links, are not affiliated with and have no connection with The GoodieStore or it's principals. GoodieStore, Inc AKA accepts no liability or responsibility for any business done with these independent companies or any issues resulting from such business. All communication related to use of advertiser or resource links and / or any resulting issues should be done with those companies.

Q8 Can you provide more details on your products?

A8 Our quality lines of interior plantscaping containers, planters, pots and pottery of materials such as solid brass, chrome, stainless steel, bronze, copper, ceramic, clay, fiberglass and plastic composites are the finest in the world. We can provide samples on request as well as specific details.

Q9. What do you need from me to do a quote on custom planters?

A9. Just tell us what you want. Size, style, materials, logos Etc. A drawing is sometimes helpful. We have, or can have made anything you require. Custom designs welcome.

Q10. How do I purchase a planter online?

A10. Click on the left menu item that is the type you are looking for, click on the item, to check per each price (before discount) click "calculate price" . The price shown is the List price. Discount is usually at least -25%. Enter quantity needed and click "add to cart" to see price with shipping and discounts. You may cancel out of this process at any time.

Q11.Do you sell to business - wholesale?

A11 . Yes - volume based... see our "Discount Schedule" for your price break. The discount increases with dollar volume per sale.

Q12 Is there a minimum order required?

A12. Not on most items. Some items do have a minimum or a price level before discount is involved. This will be noted for those items.

Q13.What if there is an error on the price or shipping during the sale / check out on line?

A13. All orders are checked during processing. We will advise if any errors are found. We also will make sure you are getting the latest, best price available for your purchase. Any corrections needed will be sent to you for approval before we continue.

Q14. Can I buy off line by phone or mail?

A14. Yes, just print our order form fill in with your Info and the item, quantity and other information, mail of fax back with payment to order. You may also use the form to request a quote. Phone can be a bit harder. Because of the many styles and options we offer, we prefer to have a record of your order visual. If done by phone we will likely need to send you the order for approval and signature to return in any case.

Q15. Can your planters and/or trash urns be used outside?

A15. Yes most can. We don't recommend the ceramics outside due to possible cracking in extreme weather. Just advise if you are going to use outside and we will let you know if there will be a problem. You will want to order with drain holes for outside use.

Q16. Do the metal planters need special care?

A16 We recommend a liner of some type in most of the metal planters to prevent leaks or damage to the metal when using for live plants. This is not needed with the Aluminum planters. Solid brass, steel etc have a clear finish coat to protect surface. For cleaning, just use a damp rag, no abrasive cleaners.

Q17. How can I find out my shipping / packing cost?

A17. Shipping will calculate during check out process. You will see this and be able to cancel / clear the order before completing if not acceptable. Most rates are based on UPS. Some larger items or larger orders will need to go Ground Transport (truck) and will require a recalculation of S&H charges. If this applies to your order, you will be informed and sent the revised invoice for your approval before processing order.. S&H on Larger, custom orders and written quotes will be presented before processing. On Ground Transport there are added charges for residential deliveries.