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The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection  -  Cultured stone creations



The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection
PlantDesigns is  proud to offer the  Frank Lloyd Wright designed planters, garden statuary and exquisite stone wear gift items.
The most famous of America's architects, Frank Lloyd Wright designed over 800 structures in his career spanning eight decades. But more than just prolific, Frank Lloyd Wright was a driven advocate for design in a total sense. Wright sought beauty in every dimension.
Plants look more lovely, Wright claimed, when presented in the content of the clean geometric shapes of a building and its extensions.
All of these Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® products are manufactured in the USA, under the authorization of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The licensed manufacturer creates Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions that are precisely accurate in every detail.  A portion of the sale of these products supports the conservation and education programs of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.     
This collection is authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and has been developed with the cooperation of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation and the Robie House, museum properties of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. A portion of the sales of these planters supports the conservation and education programs of these institutions.
Each FLW planter comes with a small authentication plaque attached

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 CAD also available on request.
Here are some of our offerings in the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection. If not yet linked to cart click text link to send for details...

Allen House Vase                                                                  Robie House Vase

Westcott Pergola Vase                                                              Heller House Vase

    Oak Park Residence Vase                                                    Oak Park Studio Vase 

Westcott House Vase                                                                  Dana House Vase

American Systems Built Houses Vase                                    Johnson Wax Vase

Nakoma                                                                                            Nakomis

Large Sprite                                                                                      Sprite W/Baton