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Ash and trash receptacles

This is our Architectural / Designer - Ash and trash line. Some are included on our cart system

(left menu) most not.  Please excuse the poor  image quality on some, will do better on that as time permits.
Most of these beautiful units may be ordered in any of the finishes and Combinations. Send your ideas!

For more (recycling) selections,

See Recycling Solutions Catalog! Many more selections...

Price lists for some basic units in various materials are included.
Because so many variations and custom options are available, most orders
are done to your specifications.
Look below to see some of our offerings of the finest in commercial quality
metal, stone and wood ash and trash containers.

Most are available in all (or many) finishes, treatments and various Combinations.

Several tops to pick from - Plus custom tops for your specific needs.
Select trash only, ash only, ash & trash, etc.
Send us style (as close as possible)
wanted, options & materials desired, quantity and ship address for a quote.
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Designer Ash - Trash, Recycling and Custom Waste Solutions...


 These all can be done in many metal / finishes and Combinations. Want your logo included? Not a problem. Custom designs welcome.

hammered, copper oval Round, solid brass, ash & trashHammered, solid stainless steel - CYA-ash & trashSolid brass, hand hammeredLarge oval ash & trash - powder coated -funnel topSatin brass CYA -sq trash W-pop topCYT - top trash W-powder coatash n trash Blue Verde - oval w-sand top
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                                       Custom tops to suit your design requirements can be done on request.

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These straight edge receptacles are popular in many design aspects - totally designed to your needs.


TTU - theater trash urn-perf solid stainless steelash n trash SECAash n trash -Solid brass -chevronash n trash oval front - solid brasstrash only - top trash rnd



High end - Custom Ash - trash containers and matching planters make waste control an art form.

MGA-Gear deco ash n trash top - brass & marbleash n trash top GA-BRASS-gear Deco MGA-GEAR-PLANTER ash n trash RUSSIAN-Deco ash n trash RUS-Deco RUA - combo metal-stone
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Round Waste and Ash containers and Combo units in any metal, finish or color design - custom work welcome.
European Style (EU)
EURO-Solid Brass-Powder coatEURO-WA-stone-Powder coatEURO-Solid brass BrassEURO-Solid Hammered Copper-CustmEURO-STAINLESS STEEL

Many design possibilities for every application - Stone, Marble Travertine, Solid brass, Copper, Bronze and more...

Request High Res Images!
RC-Stone-Marble Ash n trash combosTUBULAR-STONE CUSTOM ASH - TRASH

 ash n trash VA - Victorianash n trash VA-Solid brass ash n trash VA-brass with logo ash n trash VA-brass - Powder coatash n trash VA-Powder coat- logo

ash n trash VA-Sq Blk-brass - VSash n trash VS-Squar brass solid brass - ash n trash

Consider us when you Need something with Impact!
ball bearing ash - brass - powder coatball bearing ash top - brass or stainless W-powder coatball bearing ash top - Stainless w brass balls
New styles: The art of waste and/or ash trash disposal - Matching planters also - any finish or metal - very large sizes available...

Mikasa-Zeki Ash, trash and planters.

Modern Tray Manager - Food service - tray holder / trash containers...


Triangular Ash and trash, Shown with tray – powder or perforated 
Also see:
Fiberglass & Ceramic Ash n Trash

Modern Tray Manager: Shown in polished stainless steel with perforated body.

Body can be made without perforations and powder coated in a variety of colors.

Equilateral Triangle with bulged faces

Overall size: 20” x 20” x 34”HT

Body: cold rolled steel – powder coated

Has 2” toe kick and removable trash top

Removable fiberglass liner with (2) 1/5” rubber grommets included.

Powder coated (see below) or perforated

Other metals at additional charges – Send for prices.

Below right – powder coated red with polished brass trash only top.

Below left – antique copper on satin finish with polished stainless steel split top with or without the tray mananger option...

triangle - antique copper on satin finish with polished stainless steel split toppowder coated red with polished brass trash only top

See Recycling Solutions Catalog! Many more selections...

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