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Note: reference to Goodiestore, Goodiestore, Inc. And Planterdesigns, we, and the company include all when any are mentioned throughout these terms. Our terms take precedence over any conflicting terms in purchase orders, emails or verbal conversations, unless specifically noted and signed and the exception initialed by us.

Ordering: When buying directly from the GoodieStore or Planter Designs, via our cart, by phone or Fax, your transactions will be safe, secure and efficiently processed. Send details for your quote or use the quote cart on the site.
Security: Credit card payments are made only on secure, SSL, servers to assure the greatest margin of safety for both the customer and the merchant.

More on Ordering: Custom orders are welcome. Just send us your specifications and or drawings for a quote. Metal, fiberglass Planters and products, Items and product features and finishes not shown on our web site or made to order constitute a custom/special order.
Custom and Special orders will be processed as per quotation. Custom and Special orders must be approved by the authorized purchaser. Custom and Special order items can not be returned or exchanged except for *warranty issues. All Custom and Special order sales are final. Please contact our customer service department for pictures and color samples to insure your complete satisfaction.
Questions? CONTACT US   
Customer is responsible for ordering the correct size, style, finish, quantity, Etc. for their intended use. 
Our information as to specifications is guaranteed to be correct but not your application of it. Warranty is void if any product is used for something other than its intended purpose or modified by the customer in any way without our authorization. If asked for our recommendation on product selection and/or use, we will give our opinion based on the information you provided to the best of our ability, but we accept no responsibility for anything other than shipping the products as ordered. It is customer's responsibility to order correct items, sizes etc..
For example: if you order a planter to fit in a specific space, we will provide the sizes available and guarantee that size / shape and finish will be produced and shipped. If it does not fit as you expected, there is nothing we can do other then sell you a replacement at whatever you determine the actual size to be. We of course will always do our best to assure your order arrives on time, as specified.

 Taxes: We (PlanterDesigns or Goodiestore, Inc.) do not collect or pay sales tax to taxing authorities outside of Colorado. Customers outside of the Colorado tax authority are responsible for any Local, City, State or other taxes or fees incurred as a result of the purchase. This would include any border (customs) taxes & fees in the case of shipments out of the US.

In Colorado we will collect and pay the appropriate State sales tax as well as other assessed fees due on sales to that county tax district. In the event of our under estimating or inadvertently not charge any Colorado taxes or fees, the customer will be responsible for any difference due. Under no circumstances will GoodieStore, Inc it’s officers or PlanterDesigns be responsible for uncollected taxes due. Customer is always responsible for any uncollected taxes or fees due to the related taxing authority including border / duty charges.

Prices: All prices shown on our site are list (Retail) unless otherwise noted, See below for discounts. Prices are subject to change without notice. Any difference will be noted for your approval before we proceed with an order.. Any site errors or price changes not updated will be corrected and submitted for your approval.

Payment: Total order is due and payable at time of order. On larger orders to Trade clients, we may accept 50% down with the order and the balance before shipping - in full or other special terms as specified in our proposal. In the case of late or nonpayment, Customer is responsible  for late fees of 2% monthly on the unpaid balance and/or costs of collection including but not limited to Court costs and legal fees.

Wholesale (Trade) customers must provide a valid sales tax number and or a tax – exempt number . Discounts: Prices on most planters, ash & trash & accessories are shown as list, a discount (depending on volume and/or business status will be deducted from total during check out or when we return your quote on orders that qualify,   more discounts apply to larger orders. Trade customers may send for a specific discount schedule.

 Quotes:   Quotes with freight estimates are always provided on request. Quotes do not include taxes, if any, unless stated. For quotes with Trade Discounts – provide business name, address & Sales License number.

Confidentiality: We never, ever sell or provide your personal Info. To any third party not directly involved with your purchase.

Delivery & shipping: Shipping depends on what products, quantities and weights. For larger heaver shipments we use Ground freight carriers chosen by the factory. Otherwise UPS or Fed Ex. See Shipping for details. In most cases, we will send a freight quote for your approval before proceeding with an order.

International: We quote freight only to the border or to your shipping agent. We do not pay customs fees, duty charges or any other fees or taxes at the border. Customer is responsible for all fees and custom clearance. Delays at the border may result in added charges for storage and/or redelivery which will be paid by the customer.

Delivery: Failed deliveries due to wrong address or nobody there to accept may be charged a re-delivery fee from the shipper. There may be an added charge when shipping to residential addresses. Added charges may be applied if return trips are required to deliver also. These (if incurred) will need to be paid at the time of delivery, if not paid on delivery you agree that we can post the added fee to your credit card if used or pay resulting invoice. Buyer is responsible for any added delivery charges.

More on Delivery: Customer is responsible for acceptance and inspection of goods on delivery. Damaged or missing items must be reported at time of delivery. If someone other then customer accepts the delivery because customer was not there (common on smaller residential shipments), or third or forth party receiving for trade customers, customer (buyer) is still responsible for product, payments and terms as above, as if he/she had signed and accepted the delivery. We (PlanterDesigns / GoodieStore, Inc) are not responsible for any theft or damage if order is left with receiver dock, warehouse, neighbor, or at door, Etc. if you are not there to accept. Be sure to consider this when ordering and plan accordingly, request a 24 hour notice or other special delivery features ( usually at added cost)..

Lead Times: Are always estimated to the best of our ability but many factors (work load, staffing at the factory, holidays, humidity, weather, etc.) effect this so we don't guarantee delivery dates. We normally can however meet or beat your required dates as long as the above is considered. Once production begins, you will be billed for materials and work done if cancelled prior to completion. It is best to allow 4 weeks Minimum for standard fiberglass  more for custom, 10 to 12 weeks for Custom metal. Bottom line is - we don't guarantee specific delivery times unless noted and ordered with a substantial lead time.

Review your order receipt - orders are processed from your "order form" as it shows. It is customer's responsibility to assure correctness. No previous verbal, email instructions or communications will apply.

* WarrantyDamaged items, quantity error, or incorrect items, finishes, Etc. will be corrected, replaced or refunded at the company’s discretion or the Company's provider / manufacturer in the case of  "made to order" - custom items.   Pre - approved and Accepted returns (*see below) for any other reason will be assessed a restocking fee of at least 25% plus shipping. Any authorized return must be in the original packing, unused, and in new condition. If used or planted in - it is not returnable. Most items have a one year manufacturer's warranty. Again, we are just the distributor, not the factory - We (GoodieStore, Inc) assume no liability and accept no responsibility for any damages, injury, or other issues resulting from the use or misuse of products sold by us. Any such claims should be addressed to the manufacturer. Our liability and responsibility extends no further than what is outlined above and elsewhere on this page.

Returns: We serve predominantly professionals in the industry as a distributor for various factories and suppliers. All Warranties are limited to those offered by the factory. As the distributor and or independent Rep., we do not service warranty issues. Our involvement and responsibility ends upon delivery of the products as ordered. We will however be happy to assist with any warranty issues between the customer and factory. Most items have a one year manufacturer's warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Inquire for specifics on various items. Some items offer extra service such as holes to be drilled for drainage - Some do not. Item will be shipped without if not ordered or offered by that factory.

More…Product warranties and return policies vary depending on the lines. Unless otherwise noted, returns, guarantees and warranties are limited to those offered by the manufacturers or if an affiliate link, the individual merchants.  * Most items are made or finished to order...Therefore no return or exchanges are accepted for any reason other than as outlined here. Please be sure of what you are ordering. If unsure about a finish - order a sample. Once it's in production and / or delivered - it's yours!

 Planters and made to order items: Because we deal in commercial planters, Ash and Trash containers and accessories, many made or finished to order, geared toward business and industry needs that cannot easily return to the factory, special terms apply, see below.

Factory or company errors: We make every effort to avoid problems and errors but in the rare instance of a mistake... If shipment is not received as ordered (style, type, color, size, Etc), our responsibility and liability is limited to correcting the specific error only, and we will do so as quickly as possible.. Factory will repair or replace at their discretion in a timely manner.  We (planterdesigns / GoodieStore, Inc) assume no liability and accept no responsibility for any consequential problems, expense, or damages that may result from an order error, shipping errors or missed delivery target dates.

Again…Due to the made or finished to order nature of our products, Product sales are final unless otherwise noted or agreed on. Returns for exchange at time of delivery in the case of damage or errors in shipping are acceptable at no charge but the claim must also be filed with the carrier. CALL for approval. There are no refunds, returns or exchanges on made or finished to order products so be sure your order is correct. If unsure about terms or product detail, please inquire before you order.

Product notes:

Ceramics & Clay: We do not recommend direct planting in Ceramic containers, unless a liner is used or containers are sealed, with a protective pad between planter and surfaces.. We may offer a Sealant to our customers on request. These can also be ordered with optional drain holes if wanted.

Clay and Ceramic products are not recommended in areas that have freezing weather.

Metals: Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, etc: are fine for indoors or out but need to have a liner to protect metal and to prevent leaks. Clean them with a damp rag - no abrasive since there is usually a clear finish applied to keep surface from tarnish. If ordered unfinished, treat as you would any other fine metal product. Custom orders welcome!

Aluminum: same as above. Colors on aluminum can be damaged by chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Just use a damp rag.

Fiberglass:  Great for indoors or out. Clean as above. Can also be ordered with optional drain holes. Custom orders welcome!            


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Thank you for considering us for your Planter, Ash - Trash recpeticle and site amenities needs. Our quality lines of interior plantscaping containers, planters, pots and accessories of materials such as solid brass, chrome, stainless steel, bronze, copper, ceramic, clay, fiberglass and plastic composites are the finest in the world. Our styles of commercial plantscaping planters are the hardest to find, and we also have, or can have made anything you require. Custom designs welcome. 
We are always adding more products, Check back often.

Thank you for your business,

GoodieStore /Planter Designs