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Aluminum planter finishes

Aluminum planters come in the following colors and finishes:

Metal Finishes - Standard

SA-Satin Aluminum - SB- Satin Brass - SC-Satin Copper - SZ- Satin Bronze - PA- Polished Aluminum -

PB- Polished Brass - PC- Polished Copper - PS- Pearlized Silver - TR- Translucent Red - BLCM- Black Colormetal -

LCCM- Light Charcoal Colormetal- WHCM- Wheat Colormetal

NOTE: on all aluminum:  "available in all finishes", just means: standard finishes (above)  As shown ( STANDARD ALUMINUM PLANTER (METAL FINISHES) ...Other Colors are available as an up charge .Any other (Colors) like black, etc would be a $75.00 up charge for under 10 units. Over 10 NC.


Textured - Metal colors

BLCM - black, LCCM - Light Charcoal, WHCM - wheat,

Gloss: 01 white, 02 black, o3 burgundy, 04, jade, 05 clear, 06 hunter,07 asian blue,
08 pearl, 09 grey, 10 eggplant, 11 scarlet, 12 sage, 13 charcoal, 14 cobalt, 15 teal,
16 butterscotch

Matte Colors: 17 buff matte, 18 white matte, 19 black matte, 20 terra cotta matte,
21 oyster matte, 22 khaki matte, 23 wine matte, 24 emerald bay matte, 25 bayleaf matte,
26 wheat matte, 27 taupe matte, 28 oatmeal matte, 29 coal matte, 30 chestnut matte,
31 expresso matte

Metallic finishes: 32 black pearl Met, 33 gold dust Met, 34 pearlized Met, 35 champagne Met,
36 topaz Met, 37 gunmetal Met, 38 pewter Met, 39 golden bronze Met, 40 satin bronze Met

Faux finishes: 41 Pacific mist, 42 boardwalk, 43 copper canyon, 44 coral reef, 45 gold coast,
46 malibu sun, 47 midnight cove, 48 sand dollar, 49 sand stone, 50 sea moss, 51 silver lagoon,
52 teakwood, 53 aged clay, 54 aged stone, 55 sea buff, 56 driftwood, 57 slate, 59 buckskin,
60 white wash, 61 weathered copper, 62 verde, 63 dark verde, 64 old english armor

See samples below...


Note: Usually, we can have the product made in solid Stainless Steel for little or no more than Aluminum!

ALUMINUM PLANTER FINISH CHARTS: COLORS ($75.00 up charge under 10 units). All may not be always available - will advise.

Construction Details

Cylinders are constructed using state-of-the-art rolling and "seamless" welding technology. This insures consistent wall thickness for maximum durability and long life. More elaborate shapes are created by spinning circles of aluminum onto the forms which create the shape. Wall thickness ranges from 1.6mm to 3mm, depending on the design, the material used, and the size and shape of the container. Alloys are selected to insure maximum durability in combination with the highest possible sheen of finish.


The luster and durability of our metal finishes begins with the selection of the highest grade aluminum, is further enhanced through special polishing technology, and is completed with our durable, environmentally friendly powder coating.

Inside Coating

The inside of each plant container is also coated with our waterproof, chemical-resistant powder coating. The planter is then baked in a high temperature oven to ensure maximum adhesion and durability of the inside coating.

Custom Product

We make it a policy to say "Yes" to as many requests for custom product as possible. We have significant flexibility in making special sizes, matching finishes, and very often, in designing completely new products to meet customer needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with custom product requests.